Winning Upselling and Cross-Selling That Customers Love

Oct 4, 2023

Many business owners aim to expand through upselling and cross-selling but often struggle with implementation. Per Diem enables you to effortlessly implement a comprehensive plan in just minutes.

Encouraging customers to buy more through upselling and cross-selling can boost both customer satisfaction and business revenue.

Despite the desire of business owners to grow using these techniques, many struggle with their implementation. A common question we hear from business owners is:

"Is there any benefit to upselling to customers? I came across information on upselling techniques and how to encourage customers to spend more. It was interesting, but do we gain anything from doing it?"

Moreover, in our interviews with employees, we've observed that many are hesitant to be part of extensive upselling or cross-selling strategies. This is especially true for Gen Zers, who are three times more likely to describe themselves as introverts than extroverts.

“I'm reserved and find it uncomfortable to engage in upselling. I worry that I might be pressuring someone into making a purchase.”

Why do Manual Upsell and Cross-sell Strategies Often Fail?

While Starbucks and Dunkin' excel at upselling and cross-selling, many businesses struggle to make their plans work in the long run. Here are some common reasons for these challenges:

Creating the right upsell strategy takes a significant amount of time and data. It involves a customer success manager analyzing the components of each item and organizing them into groups for easy connections. Examining historical data is also necessary to determine which items pair best with each other. For most businesses, it doesn't make sense to hire someone solely dedicated to increasing sales without an established technique in place.

Employee training is crucial, but implementing a plan with your workers can be difficult, especially if different techniques require specific mental behaviors that your employees may not possess.

While comprehensive training is vital for a successful rollout, maintaining and executing the playbook in the long term can be challenging. Many businesses either have various playbooks or struggle to keep the technique in a central source for regular employee updates.

Does your product catalog change regularly? If so, your upsell and cross-sell playbooks need to be updated accordingly, adding an extra effort that is required periodically.

To effectively upsell and cross-sell, your staff must be well-informed about each sales technique. Untrained staff attempting to upsell and cross-sell to existing customers may do so carelessly, leading to dissatisfied and alienated customers. This negative experience could be enough to drive them away from your business to a competitor.

Why Do Automatic Upsell and Cross-Sell Work?

Features that automatically upsell and cross-sell are dependent on savvy commercial strategies driven by artificial intelligence. These algorithms map the relationships between categories and products in your product catalog. For example, depending on your store's sales history, the algorithm recommends the best deal if a customer wants a burger without a drink.

The upsell system runs in the background and is updated regularly to reflect any new products added to your catalog as well as your sales history. You won't need to manually update when adding or removing products because this algorithm continuously examines real-time sales to identify the best matches for every item.

Once the customer confirms their cart, your app, and online ordering suggest additional items, allowing them to peruse.

Per Diem Makes Personalization Possible

Per Diem is a trusted online and mobile app ordering platform. Instead of taking weeks or months, it allows you to develop and implement your upsell plan in a matter of days. On the backend, the decision logic is tailored to each merchant based on their previous sales. This gives every brand more clout and spreads McDonald's efficiency to all.

The Per Diem Smart Upsell Engine's Team

Per Diem is a technology startup on a mission to empower every brand with individualized online ordering and mobile apps. Tomer Molovinsky, the founder of Per Diem, specializes in restaurant technology and product marketing. Doron Segal, who has a background in software engineering, brings innovation and creativity to help local brands grow. The founders are using their expertise to help local businesses flourish using artificial intelligence and machine learning, providing them with a competitive edge.

How to Begin?

Per Diem is a top player in personalization and restaurant technology. It will use its innovative features in the app to enhance the personalized experience for customers at every interaction: when they start using the app, receive updates, and get emails. Per Diem will offer clever suggestions for additional purchases, taking into account customers' buying history, the time of day, and what menu items are popular. The decision-making technology can also quickly recommend and show more items that complement a customer's current choices.