Optimize Your Online Deliveries with Doordash and Per Diem

Oct 19, 2023

Customers are demanding delivery from various food and beverage spots, including restaurants, coffee shops, and juice bars. Per Diem and Doordash collaborated to make the delivery possible for your business via a customized mobile app.

As consumers increasingly demand delivery from restaurants, coffee shops, and other food and beverage establishments, third-party delivery services have become essential tools for business growth. However, their hefty 30% commissions often mean forfeiting a sizable portion of revenue.

Per Diem has partnered with Doordash to provide an affordable delivery solution. Their collaboration enables businesses to offer delivery through a customized mobile app at a fixed cost per delivery without signup or subscription fees.

Companies utilizing Doordash’s native delivery integration with the Per Diem app have experienced significant spikes in orders, especially impactful for those with large customer bases. Per Diem and Doordash allow you to provide delivery even if you already have online ordering, saving the hassle and expense of managing your drivers and vehicles.

What can you expect from Per Diem with DoorDash?

  • Attract more customers by enabling delivery across all your channels.
  • Top-notch, hassle-free service leveraging logistics and operations expertise.
  • Maintain control of your brand through your ordering platform and promotions.
  • Reduce costs associated with in-house delivery like insurance, vehicle purchases, and fuel.
  • Simple integration with your existing ordering system for faster deliveries.
  • Transparent pricing with fixed fees per delivery and no hidden charges.

How Per Diem and Doordash Make Delivery Seamless

Per Diem's integration with Doordash Drive enables you to provide delivery through your customized mobile app. Once an order is placed, it is automatically sent to your Square POS system and a Doordash driver is dispatched for delivery. This end-to-end process is managed by Doordash so you can focus on your operations.

Some of the key benefits of teaming up with Doordash include:

  • Higher revenue from reaching more customers. Enable delivery for all your sales channels to boost business.
  • Outstanding service without the hassle. Leverage Doordash's expertise in logistics and operations for a smooth delivery experience for your customers.
  • Maintain your brand. Take control of your ordering platform and marketing campaigns.
  • Cost savings. Reduce expenses related to in-house delivery like insurance, vehicle purchases, and fuel costs. Optimize your operations.
  • Quick connection to your ordering system for faster deliveries.
  • Simple pricing. Pay a fixed delivery fee without signup charges, subscriptions, or hidden fees.

Getting started takes under a minute. Once signed up, choose your delivery option from the admin dashboard. Then set your delivery parameters like charging a small service fee, which is added to the total order amount at checkout.

A Step-by-step Guide For Delivery

The order flow as described by Doordash is below, Delivery fulfillment is enabled through the DoorDash Drive API:

(an image like this or a similar one to show the order flow) an image like this or a similar one to show the order flow

The Benefits of Integrating Doordash With Per Diem

Integrating Doordash with your Per Diem mobile ordering system provides several key benefits for your business.

Increased Revenue and Customer Base

Studies show that over 70% of customers say delivery options influence which restaurants they choose to order from. Offering delivery through your mobile app allows you to tap into their existing customer base and gain exposure to new potential loyal customers.

Operational Efficiency

Managing your in-house delivery fleet requires resources and time to coordinate drivers, and routes, and ensure quality service. Doordash offloads the operational challenges of delivery and allows you to focus on your core business. Doordash’s team of experienced drivers and advanced dispatch technology handles getting your products to customers efficiently.

Cost Savings

In-house delivery requires investments in vehicles, fuel, insurance, and personnel to operate. By using Doordash, you avoid these costs and pay only a small per-order fee. For most businesses, this results in significant cost savings compared to building their delivery infrastructure. The fixed pricing model also provides predictable costs and helps streamline budgeting.

How to Set Up and Manage Doordash Delivery With Per Diem

To set up Doordash delivery with your Per Diem mobile app, follow these steps:

Choose Delivery Areas

Decide whether you want to offer delivery for all or select locations. Go to the “Locations” tab in your Per Diem dashboard. Toggle the “Delivery” option on or off for each location. The delivery areas you choose will appear on your mobile app and website for customers to place orders.

Set Delivery Fees

You have flexibility in how much to charge customers for delivery. Go to the “Fees & Tips” section of your Per Diem dashboard. Enter the delivery fee for each location, which can range from $0 to $10 or more. The fee will be clearly shown to customers at checkout to avoid confusion or frustration. Consider your local competitors’ delivery fees and your target customer base when determining pricing.

Track Your Deliveries

Once an order has been placed through your Per Diem app, you will receive a notification on your Point of Sale system. The order details, delivery address, fees charged, and more can be viewed on your Per Diem dashboard for easy monitoring. Contact Doordash’s support team directly for any issues with the delivery process.

Expand Your Reach

Promote your new delivery service across social media platforms and on your business’s website to spread the word. Update buttons on your social profiles to say “Order Now” and link directly to your Per Diem mobile app. Highlight the convenience and ease of delivery to attract new and existing customers. With Doordash powering delivery and Per Diem providing an intuitive mobile ordering experience, your business is equipped to meet customers wherever they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to be approved for the Doordash plan?

It's instant! Once you've set up your account and we've made your app available on the App Store and Google Play, your marketing team can start promoting it right away.

Can I handle deliveries in-house?

Absolutely! You can organize in-house deliveries, and your team can take care of delivering orders.

How will my team be notified about deliveries?

Your team will receive notifications on their Square POS system.

How can I track my deliveries?

You can easily track deliveries through the Per Diem dashboard here:

Can I contact Doordash for support?

Certainly! The support number is 855-973-1040. You can also find the delivery identifier number on the Orda dashboard.

How can I promote my delivery service?

To make the most of your delivery service, utilize the promotion tools available on your merchant dashboard.