How did I create an app for my coffee shop?

Sep 8, 2023

Have you considered creating an app for your coffee shop? Yes, I did, and I'll now explain how I developed a mobile ordering app for my coffee shop.

Have you ever thought about creating your coffee shop app for your business? I certainly did for my coffee and juice shop, Blended, in Seattle, Washington. Let me share how I went about it! I noticed that coffee shops with their mobile ordering apps are doing well, so I decided to jump on the trend and develop an app for my business.

I couldn't afford to hire a developer

I couldn't afford to hire a developer and didn't think it was necessary. I planned to use a no-code mobile ordering app builder to save both money and time. These app builder platforms are constantly evolving, so I could enjoy new features regularly without needing an engineer to create them for me.

I discovered that the Per Diem mobile app builder for coffee shops had a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. This meant that all I needed was some time and patience to arrange everything just the way I wanted.

When building an app for iPhone or Android, you first have to choose your platform. The app builder I selected caters to Android and Apple, ensuring that my app would work on any Android or Apple device. This was ideal for my coffee shop and its customer base!

Talked about my idea for the app

I had this great idea for an app that could make my shop run smoother, save time, and reflect my business identity. I envisioned an app that would let customers order online, skip the line, and plan ahead. Using the app builder Per Diem, I began crafting my app. You get to pick the menu colors, select categories, add product photos, and specify locations—it was a breeze! Then, with built-in marketing tools, launching the app was a cinch. Using Per Diem's user-friendly software saved me money, and I could create my coffee shop app effortlessly, even without prior experience. I'm confident their technology is top-notch, which is why we chose Per Diem. It's a robust tool that lets you design and build your app in under an hour, no coding skills or tech know-how is required!

It's beginner-friendly and quick to start. The learning curve is minimal, and you can have your app on the market in no time. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great-looking and functional app.

This software allows any coffee shop owner, even those with little programming knowledge, to create their own app without prior experience in programming or web development. I made my coffee shop app in under 30 minutes, and within two days, I had the first version ready!

My coffee shop app is up and running!

The new app for my shop has made a big difference for my business, and it can do the same for yours! With the app, your customers can easily order coffee from their tables or homes, making things smoother for your business and offering a great customer experience. Plus, it lets your customers pay using a saved credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, making it convenient for everyone. This helps your coffee shop save money on things like paper, sticky notes, pens, or any other methods of communicating with the kitchen.

The app empowers your customers to take control of their orders, reducing mistakes and ensuring they get exactly what they want.

One of the best things about this app is the time it saves. Your customers won't have to wait in line or interact with someone at the cash register. That's why people are willing to invest in it.

Customers love convenience and are willing to pay for that kind of service. Coffee shop apps are becoming more popular because they're becoming more affordable for business owners and more satisfying for customers. It's a win-win situation!

My experience with the ordering app

The first time I introduced my coffee shop's ordering app to customers, I felt a bit anxious. I wondered if they would like it and give it a try.

Surprisingly, they absolutely loved it! They were so excited and started sharing the app with their friends, suggesting they try it the next time they stopped by! I had never experienced anything like it before. They really enjoyed using my app. From then on, everyone began using my new app regularly. Customers found it super convenient to order their favorite drinks, and the added bonus of earning points with each order encouraged them to keep coming back!

The mobile ordering app builder I used is called Per Diem. Per Diem makes it easy to create your own coffee shop mobile ordering app. With Per Diem , you get a customized iOS and Android app that's seamlessly integrated with Square. Your customers can download your app on their phones, ensuring they see your brand every day on their home screens.

Per Diem offers features like order placement, photo sharing, menu information, and analytics tracking. You can also enhance your store by adding extras such as check-in, loyalty points, rewards, no-commission, DoorDash delivery, and more!

Starting with Per Diem is a breeze thanks to its no-code app builder. Have fun and enjoy your new app!