A Comprehensive Comparison: Dripos POS vs. Square POS for Coffee Shops

April 15, 2024

A Comprehensive Comparison: Dripos POS vs. Square POS for Coffee Shops

In the fast-paced world of coffee shops, having the right point-of-sale (POS) system can make a significant difference in efficiency, customer experience, and overall business success. Two popular options in the market, Dripos POS and Square POS, cater specifically to the needs of coffee shop owners. In this article, we'll compare these two systems to help you make an informed decision for your coffee shop.

1. Ease of Use and Setup

Dripos POS: Dripos is known for its user-friendly interface and easy setup process. It offers intuitive features designed specifically for coffee shops, such as customizable menus and quick order processing. Setting up Dripos POS typically requires minimal technical knowledge, making it ideal for small business owners.

Square POS: Square is also praised for its ease of use and straightforward setup. The system is designed to be intuitive, with features that are easy to navigate. Square offers a range of hardware options to suit different business needs, from simple card readers to full POS systems.

Winner: Both Dripos and Square are user-friendly, but Dripos edges slightly ahead for its focus on coffee shop-specific features and ease of customization.

2. Features and Functionality

Dripos POS: Dripos offers a robust set of features tailored to coffee shops, including inventory management, employee scheduling, and customer loyalty programs. It also integrates with popular payment processors, allowing for seamless transactions. However, some advanced features may require additional fees.

Square POS: Square provides a wide range of features, including inventory tracking, sales reporting, and customer management. It also offers integrated payment processing and a variety of add-ons, such as Square Marketing and Square Loyalty, to enhance customer engagement. Square's ecosystem of apps and integrations further expands its functionality.

Winner: Square offers a more extensive range of features and integrations, making it suitable for coffee shops looking for comprehensive POS solutions.

3. Pricing

Dripos POS: Dripos offers transparent pricing plans, with options for monthly or annual subscriptions. Pricing is based on the number of registers and additional features required. While Dripos does not charge transaction fees, some features may incur additional costs.

Square POS: Square's pricing is also transparent, with no monthly fees for the basic POS software. Instead, Square charges a flat rate for transactions, making it a cost-effective option for small businesses. Additional features and hardware may incur additional costs.

Winner: Square's pricing model, with no monthly fees and transparent transaction rates, makes it a more affordable option for many coffee shop owners.

4. Customer Support

Dripos POS: Dripos offers customer support via email and phone during business hours. While they provide resources such as tutorials and FAQs, some users may find the support options limited.

Square POS: Square offers comprehensive customer support, including 24/7 phone support and a robust online knowledge base. Users can also access community forums and webinars for additional assistance.

Winner: Square's 24/7 customer support and extensive online resources give it an edge in customer support.


Both Dripos POS and Square POS offer compelling solutions for coffee shop owners, with user-friendly interfaces and robust features. Dripos is ideal for its coffee shop-specific features and ease of customization, while Square stands out for its comprehensive features, affordability, and customer support.

Whether you choose Dripos or Square, optimizing your coffee shop's operations is key to success. To take your business to the next level, consider building a white-label mobile app through Per Diem's platform. Visit to learn more and start building your app today!