4 Proven Ways to Motivate Customers to Download Your Mobile Ordering App

Nov 11, 2023

4 Proven Ways to Motivate Customers to Download Your Mobile Ordering App

Explore marketing tactics that motivate customers to download and utilize your mobile app for placing orders.

The restaurant industry has undergone a digital shift, with various coffee shops, juice bars, burger joints, and pizzerias already adopting mobile ordering through their custom-branded apps. Yet, just having a mobile app isn't enough; the real test lies in promoting it effectively to boost customer downloads and usage. Many restaurant owners face the challenge of having invested in app development but struggling to foster customer engagement and loyalty. If you're grappling with this situation, you're not alone, and we're here to assist. In this blog post, we will discuss three strategic marketing approaches to enhance your app promotion endeavors.

  1. Sign up for Rewards with the Loyalty Program: Create a loyalty program in which users can earn points for every transaction they make via the app. For example, a coffee shop could set up a program where patrons spend $1 to gain 1 point, and when they reach 50 points, they get a free coffee.
  2. Give a Discount on the First Three Purchases: Give customers a significant discount on their first three orders to entice them to download and use your app. To encourage customers to download the app and use it for future orders, a pizza business may, for example, offer a 30% discount on the first three orders placed through the app.
  3. Offer a One-Time Dollar Discount: Attract users by offering a one-dollar discount on their initial app order. For instance, a sushi restaurant could use the app to offer a $10 discount on the first order that is $50 or more, encouraging consumers to spend more money while giving them the impression that they are receiving a great deal.
  4. Encourage Wallet Payment for Discounts: Encourage customers to use wallet payments, which offer quick, easy, and affordable transactions.

These approaches will not only spur initial downloads but also foster sustained app usage, ultimately boosting customer involvement and loyalty. Let's delve deeper into each of these tactics and explore how you can integrate them to promote your restaurant's mobile app.

What is the Habit-Driven Hooked Model?

The Habit-Driven Hooked Model, developed by Nir Eyal, outlines a cycle of user engagement involving Trigger, Action, Variable Reward, and Investment. Applying this model enables restaurant owners to shape their mobile apps in a way that fosters habitual behaviors among customers, leading to sustained engagement and loyalty.

  • Trigger: These are cues, either external or internal, prompting users to take action. For instance, sending a push notification about a special discount or a new menu item.
  • Action: This refers to the user's response to the trigger, such as opening the app to check the offer, placing an order, or sharing the offer with friends.
  • Variable Reward: Users receive a reward after taking the desired action, which could be a discount, a free item, or loyalty points.
  • Investment: This involves the effort users invest in the app, such as personalizing their profile, saving favorite orders, or providing feedback.

By incorporating these strategies and embracing the Habit-Driven Hooked Model, you can not only motivate initial downloads but also foster continued usage of the app. This approach contributes to enhanced customer engagement and loyalty. Let's explore each strategy in more detail and discuss how you can apply them to promote your restaurant's mobile app.

Join Loyalty Program for Exclusive Benefits

Loyalty programs serve as a proven method to foster repeat business and customer allegiance. By providing special benefits and rewards to users who download and utilize your app, you not only prompt the initial download but also cultivate sustained app usage.

For instance, envision running a coffee shop. Consider establishing a loyalty program where customers earn points for each purchase made through the app, such as 1 point for every dollar spent. Upon accumulating 50 points, they qualify for a complimentary coffee. This approach not only stimulates recurring business but also motivates the consistent use of the app for placing orders.

Extend a Generous Discount on the Initial Trio of Orders

Everybody appreciates a good bargain, and what better method to entice app downloads than by presenting customers with a substantial discount on their first three orders? For instance, you might propose a 30% discount on the initial trio of orders placed through the app. This not only incentivizes the initial download but also fosters repeated usage of the app.

Consider owning a taco spot as an example. Promote your new mobile app by providing a 30% discount on the first three orders through the app. Publicize this offer across diverse marketing channels, including social media, email newsletters, and in-store posters. Emphasize the app's convenience and advantages, such as easy ordering, swift payment, and, of course, the exclusive discount.

Offer a One-Time Dollar Discount

Boosting app downloads can be achieved by providing a one-time dollar discount for the initial order placed through the app. This could be a fixed dollar amount deducted from the total bill, which tends to be more effective than a percentage discount, especially for higher-priced orders.

For instance, suppose you operate a sushi restaurant. You might consider giving a $10 discount on the first order totaling $50 or more when placed through the app. This not only encourages higher spending but also gives customers the impression that they are getting a fantastic deal. Once again, promote this offer across all your marketing channels, emphasizing the convenience and exclusive benefits of using the app.

Highlight Convenient Payments

A crucial aspect of any mobile ordering app is its payment process. It's vital to make this process smooth and rewarding to encourage users to repeatedly utilize your app. One effective method is to promote wallet payments, offering easy, quick, and discounted transactions.

Final Thoughts

In the current era of technology, having a branded mobile app for your restaurant is no longer just a nice-to-have but a must. It not only helps in keeping your customer base but also gives you control over the customer experience while reducing the fees paid to third-party apps. Although the technology challenge may seem overwhelming, the right partner can make it easily manageable. By putting these marketing strategies into action, you can motivate your customers to download and use your app, ultimately enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. Remember, the key to a successful mobile app is not only the initial download but also encouraging continuous usage. So, make your app irresistible with exclusive discounts and rewards, and witness your business flourish.