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Nov 28, 2023

10 Best Local Coffee Shop Apps That Compete with Starbucks


Big coffee chains have really good apps because successful brands know that apps enable features customers love. However, size isn't important for delivering the best to your customers. Small local coffee chains can compete with giants like Starbucks and Dunkin' in convenience by offering a top-notch app. If you’re craving your daily coffee fix in your neighborhood, let Per Diem app be your guide. Read on to discover 10 coffee shop apps that will change how you see your neighborhood brew.

With Per Diem, local coffee shops now have apps as robust as Starbucks. Check out these 10 standouts:

Coffee Dose App - Loyalty Rewards and Instagram Integration

The Coffee Dose app is as aesthetic as its shop and makes it easy to earn rewards and connect with fellow coffee lovers. Their loyalty program lets you gain points with every purchase that can be redeemed for free drinks and treats.

Once you download the app, you'll get 150 points to start. Then, earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. When you hit 500 points, you've got a free medium coffee coming your way. Keep earning and redeem bigger rewards like a free Banana bread at 300 points or a free meal at 600 points.

The fun doesn't stop there. Coffee Dose lets you connect with more coffee lovers through their Instagram integration right on the app. They frequently run social media contests and giveaways too.

Cosmic Coffeehouse App - Seasonal Specials and Order Scheduling

The Cosmic Coffeehouse app lets you schedule your coffee order for your preferred pick-up time. Their seasonal specials menu has delicious limited-time offers like the Peppermint Mocha, Butter Pecan Latte or Peppermint Hot Chocolate to warm you up in the winter.

With their mobile app, you can plan ahead and have your winter warmers ready for you at a time that fits into your busy schedule. No more waiting in long lines or missing out on their popular seasonal specials because they sold out—just place your order at your convenience and breeze in to grab your drinks. The Cosmic Coffeehouse app gives you back time to enjoy life’s little moments.

Elevated Coffee and Co. App - Customization and eGift Cards

Elevated Coffee and Co. launched their Per Diem app to provide customers with an easy way to order and pay ahead, as well as to make digital gifting easier than ever. Their app is all about customization and convenience.

You can customize your coffee order with options for milk alternatives, syrup flavors, and espresso shots. Once you’ve created your perfect drink, save it as a favorite to reorder with just a few taps.

The eGift cards can be purchased online and sent to anyone, powered by Square. Choose from a variety of designs and enter any custom amount. eGift cards are a great option if you want to treat a friend or send a thank you to a customer or colleague. They can be redeemed in-store by showing the gift card number or barcode in the app.

Ambee Coffee App - Organic Theme and Streamlined Ordering

With the Ambee Coffee app, you’ll feel right at home. Its organic, earthy theme matches Ambee’s commitment to sustainability and community. Ordering your favorite drink is a breeze, whether picking it up or having it delivered.

The app’s minimal design and user-friendly interface makes navigating the menu and completing your order a seamless process. Open the app, browse the menu to find your perfect pick-me-up, select any customizations, choose your pickup or delivery option, pay right from your phone and you’re all set.

A bonus is Ambee’s rewards program. For every 20 lumens, get $1 off on breakfast pockets. And that's not all—accumulate 75 lumens for a 100% discount on the Ambee Air-pod case. Plus, earn 1 lumen for every $1.00 spent through the app.

Kinos Coffee App - Visual Menu and Order Customization

The Kinos Coffee app lets you customize your coffee with an array of options. Their visual menu and vivid descriptions makes choosing easy with photos of each drink. Want an extra shot of espresso or a splash of vanilla syrup? No problem. You can modify your beverage until it's perfect.

With push notifications, you'll always know about the latest specials and discounts. An esthetic interface and tempting photos may just convince you to add something extra to your order. Whether you're a regular who loves your usual or an adventurous new customer, the Kinos Coffee app has something for you.

Madison Perk App - Coupons, Easy Gifting and Navigation

The Madison Perk mobile app makes it a cinch to enjoy your favorite coffee and treats. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll automatically receive an account credit of $5 to get you started. Use it towards any drink or bakery item.

Moreover, you’ll never miss out on a deal. Exclusive mobile coupons and offers are displayed right on the home screen. Redeem them instantly with a tap. You can also send e-gift cards to friends and family through the app. Choose from designs in a range of amounts or enter a custom amount of your choice.

Getting around their app is simple. An easy-to-navigate menu lets you explore the full range of coffee, espresso, blended and cold drinks as well as fresh-baked goods. Order ahead for pickup at your convenience or place an order for delivery. Either way, you’ll skip the line and your items will be ready when you arrive.

Hidden Grounds App - Favorites and Mobile Payments

The Hidden Grounds Coffee app lets you save your go-to orders as favorites so you can reorder with just a tap. No more fumbling to remember your usual.

You can pay right in the app using Google Pay, Apple Pay or your credit card. No need to stand in line or dig in your wallet for cash. Just open the app, choose your saved favorite or build a new order, pay, and your drink will be ready when you arrive.

Their app makes that experience even more seamless so you can get your caffeine fix with minimal hassle. Check the app for daily specials and seasonal drinks to discover your new favorite.

Neighbor Coffee & Friends App - Tipping and Warm Experience

The Neighbor Coffee & Friends app provides a simple yet personal experience. As soon as you open the app, you're greeted with a warm welcome message. The clean design and minimal clicks needed to order make the process seamless.

One standout feature is the option to add a tip when paying. The tip amount is fully customizable so you can leave an amount you feel is appropriate.

Between the warm welcome, simple ordering, and ability to tip your baristas, the Neighbor Coffee & Friends app provides an all-around pleasant experience that makes you feel good supporting a local business.

Trophy Coffee App - Welcome Rewards and in-app Messaging

The Trophy Coffee app rewards your loyalty from the moment you download it. As soon as you create your account, you'll receive 10 free “trophies” to use towards your next coffee or treat.

For every dollar you spend, you earn a point that translates into more trophies. Rack up enough trophies and you'll unlock free drinks and food, as well as the chance to win exclusive swag. The rewards program makes it exciting to visit again and again.

Trophy Coffee also keeps you engaged with push notifications about specials, events and new menu items. Their in-app messaging feature means you can send questions and suggestions directly to them and receive quick responses.

Whether you're a daily regular or stop in when you need an afternoon pick-me-up, the Trophy Coffee app will make you feel like a VIP. Keep earning trophies and those freebies will add up fast.

Daily Grind Coffee and Creamery App - Loyalty Program Exclusive Discounts

The Daily Grind Coffee and Creamery app makes it easy for customers to earn rewards. Their loyalty program lets you earn 1 star for every $1 you spend, adding up to some sweet perks. Once you hit 100 stars, you'll get a free coffee or tea (medium size). At 150 stars, you'll receive a free ice cream.

With push notifications turned on, you'll get alerts about surprise hourly discounts and flash sales so you never miss a chance to save.

For the freshest coffee, extra creamy sweetness, and best overall experience, download Daily Grind Coffee and Creamery app today. Your taste buds and wallet will thank you.

Final Thoughts

So you see, you have no reason to settle for the overpriced, mass-produced coffee. Download one of these apps today and discover your new favorite cafe. You can view them here or