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Customize Your Welcome

Choose an icon that resonates with your restaurant’s theme. Whether it's from our ready-made templates or your crafted screens, customize the copies to match your brand's voice with ease.


Seamless Joining with Apple O-Auth

Joining the app has never been smoother. Apple O-Auth lets customers effortlessly join with a single tap, ensuring a secure and convenient process for hassle-free connectivity.


Secure Registration with SMS Authentication

Streamline registration with SMS authentication, a secure alternative to email. Safeguard your customers' data and build trust through this simplified and secure onboarding process.


Be Where Your Customers Are

Effortlessly guide customers to your restaurant with our user-friendly location finder. Whether they're locals or tourists, we ensure you're always on their map, driving more hungry customers to your app.


Elevate Your Presence with Engaging Promotions

Display your best picks with a personalized touch. Homepage banners and pop-ups scream, 'Come and get it!'. Integrate Instagram, sell eGift cards, and create a dynamic marketing strategy for maximum reach.


QR Code Convenience - Scan, Order, Repeat

Customers can easily scan QR codes for quick menu access and exclusive in-store offers—all at their fingertips. Our 1-Tap Reordering simplifies the process, fostering customer loyalty.


Dynamic Product Listings

Revitalize your menu with stunning displays and seamless customization. Craft custom categories, organize products, and showcase mouthwatering images. Our user-friendly design ensures an enjoyable browsing experience for your customers.


Real-Time Inventory Management

Stay in command with live inventory tracking with our Square POS integration. Receive alerts when items are low or out of stock, preventing customer letdowns and facilitating efficient restocking.


Personalized Ordering Experience

Empower customers to tailor orders with required and optional product modifiers. Create customized dishes catering to diverse tastes, elevating overall customer satisfaction.


Diverse Payment Options

Let your customers choose from a range of hassle-free payment methods. Apple Pay ensures swift and secure transactions, while Credit Card payments are effortless.


Tailor Orders with Order Customization

Empower customers to tweak and spice up their orders. Adjust portion sizes with the Quantity Selector and personalize the dining experience with a customizable Tip Selector.


Convenience at Its Best

For Android users, Google Pay provides a swift checkout. Streamline mobile orders for pick-up, delivery, catering, or curbside, ensuring a smooth process from selection to satisfaction. The app's last order schedule note makes future orders organized and efficient.


Effortless Navigation

Integrated maps simplify navigation for pickup or delivery, aiding staff in seamless order fulfillment and ensuring a smooth experience for customers during pickup


Tailored Push Notifications

Take charge of customer engagement with personalized notifications for order updates, confirmations, and promotions. Keep your customers informed and engaged from order confirmation to delivery.


Email Customer Support

Handle inquiries, manage feedback, and build strong relationships with user-friendly support features. Enhance your restaurant's reputation and boost customer satisfaction through responsive customer support.


Endless App Incentives

Boost first downloads and purchases with exciting promotions. Secure repeat orders and club members with subscriptions. Infuse your marketing with exclusive perks, limited-time offers, and irresistible first-purchase benefits.


Irresistible Promotion Codes

Craft catchy promotions and discounts to attract customers and create a buzz. Effortlessly manage codes and incentives for special events or holidays with targeted promotions.


Seamless Loyalty Points Payment

Let customers pay with accumulated points, encouraging app usage. Simplify acquiring and redeeming store credit, minimizing the process and boosting orders.


Control Your Workload

Enable customers to place orders within specified time windows, ensuring balanced kitchen operations and minimizing customer wait times.


Same-Day Pickup Ease

Deliver instant satisfaction through same-day pickup, and expediting order preparation. Effectively manage resources, cultivating loyalty, and elevating the overall dining experience.


Tailored Prep Times

Each dish is unique – tailor prep times accordingly. Deliver top-notch quality, leave customers smiling, and streamline kitchen workflow. Minimize wait times for a delightful online experience.

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Per Diem built two apps for our brands (Masala Wok & Tikka Shack) based on Square Platform and it is a fantastic experience to work them and we rolled our apps in less than 2 weeks. Their fast response to any questions and modification requests was fast and easy to work with. I strongly recommend them.

_ Tikka Shack
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